Enhanced Recycling Program

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Dive into our Closed-loop Recycling Solution Program where we help you to save the environment and reduce your cost.

The Truth About Our Consumption

It was projected that North America created up to 40 million tons of plastic waste, with at least 80 percent going to landfills. Businesses are important contributors to the plastic problem since many products are manufactured or shipped in plastic containers and then discarded when broken or damaged.

Drader Manufacturing’s Enhanced Recycling Program

One of the goals for Drader within the plastic manufacturing industry is to create a “close-the-loop” recycling program. This refers to the process of recycling and reusing older or damaged plastic products within our supply chain, thereby eliminating waste, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing cost to our customers. Each year Drader Manufacturing recycles over 2.5 million pounds of plastic for environmental protection and sustainability.  

Furthering our commitment to the cause, Drader Manufacturing has ensured that we adhere to ESG (environmental, social, and (corporate) governance) practices by reducing our carbon footprint, using energy-saving and efficient equipment. Also by Being ethical in all business ventures, and reaching out to marginalized communities as an indigenous-owned business.   


Benefits For Your Company

Cost Savings: By Implementing a closed-loop recycling system for post industrial plastic products, it will result in significant cost savings of up to 40% on material costs by minimizing the need to acquire raw materials. Recycled plastic materials are often less expensive than virgin materials, contributing to overall cost reduction.

Environmental Impact Reduction: By diverting post industrial plastic from landfills and reducing the extraction and processing of raw materials, closed-loop plastic recycling helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy, and minimize pollution associated with resource extraction and manufacturing processes.

Resource Conservation: Closed-loop recycling saves important natural resources by reusing post industrial plastic materials rather than producing additional emissions. This helps to lessen environmental impact and reliance on finite resources like minerals and fossil fuels.

Risk Mitigation:  Supporting Drader’s Closed-loop Recycling program will assist your company in reducing the risks associated with supply chain disruptions, raw material price volatility, and regulatory changes. Having a more sustainable and resilient supply chain better positions organization to respond to changing market conditions and mitigate potential hazards.

Long-Term Cost Stability: Our Closed-loop plastic recycling program will give your businesses more control over its material supply chain, minimizing vulnerability to price volatility in raw material markets. This consistency in material costs can help with long-term financial planning and forecasting, helping businesses to better manage budgets and investments.

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