Drader understands the global effects plastics have on our oceans and refuse yards. We work with customers who are looking for recycling options and solutions for their business, and provide insight on ways to lessen impact on the environment. Some customers come looking for more robust shipping and packaging solutions, and plastics manufacturing is one way we help our customers achieve reusability.

We also regrind plastics. On average, we use 1.5 million pounds of recycled resin in our products each year. That’s 42,000 cubic feet of plastic kept out of our landfills! Talk to one of our recycling experts today.

When we start the conversation about recycling with our customers, we take into consideration where and how your plastics will be used, and how long they need to last so they have a product they are happy with.

Drader is a member of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA).