Plastic Welding & Plastic Fabrication

Drader manufactures a plastic welding repair system and supplies, including the unique Injectiweld plastic welder kit known worldwide for its high-quality plastic weld and ease of use. The Drader injectiweld is a one-hand operated injection plastic welder and is used for plastic welding repair, plastic fabrication, plastic prototyping, and plastic model making. The Drader Injectiweld is great for repairing plastic containers such as garbage bins and plastic totes.


The time-saving Drader uses a combination of interchangeable tips and does not require surface preparation like other welding methods.

Plastic Fabrication

The Drader Injectiweld is easily adapted into production and assembly applications. Operate the Injectiweld with one hand and hold the plastic with the other. The Injectiweld is easy to use and lightweight, so it can go into areas where other equipment cannot operate.