Commitment to Safety

we are proud to have achieved our best-yet score on our most recent COR audit

Aligning ourselves with our customer’s values means ensuring the personal safety, health, and well-being of each employee at Drader Manufacturing.


We are committed to achieving our goal of providing quality, efficient service in an injury-free workplace. By promoting safety awareness and education, our aim is to protect our employees, contractors, the public and the environment.

Every level of employment, including management, is responsible and accountable for the company’s safety initiatives. Management provides health and safety programming, evaluates hazards, establishes safe work practices, and supplies proper protective equipment and required training. Active cooperation by everyone, every day, and in every job, is necessary to uphold these standards.

We believe with wholehearted support and cooperation of management and employees, we can achieve our safety goals and maintain our safety standards.

Some components of our safety program include:

  • A commitment to appropriate PPE in all areas of the plant
  • In-depth hazard assessments and controls for each task are reviewed before completing each task
  • The right for every employee to refuse unsafe work
  • A program of proper maintenance for all tools and equipment
  • Daily toolbox meetings involving all shifts addressing health and safety issues
  • Monthly plant-wide worksite inspections to identify potential risks and possible improvements
  • Filing of First Aid Record Forms, Near Misses and Accident Investigations to help understand threats and lead to preventative action


Drader Manufacturing is also proud to be a part of the Partners in Injury Reduction (LINK) program, operated together by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta and Alberta Employment and Immigration. We have our Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Manufacturer’s Health and Safety, awarded only to employers who have developed a health and safety program which meets established standards.

We are proud of our best-yet score on our most recent external audit.