IV Stabilizers

Drader IV stabilizers prevent entanglement

In most cases, when a medical line or intravenous tubing (IV Tubing) wraps or entangles a patient, the line is simply readjusted with no harm to the patient or impediment of medical fluids.

However, accidental medical line entanglement has resulted in the death of infants.
Our line of stabilizers were developed in response to these incidents.

Non-Intentional strangulation in children is a widely recognized risk of the vulnerability of their airway to occlusion by relatively low pressure.

It is important that hospitals that care for such children recognize this potential risk and implement the appropriate strategies to minimize or eliminate it.

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a common treatment modality for children who are admitted to a hospital; hence, if there is a serious risk of strangulation associated with its use, then it is critical that health care providers be aware of it.

A primary active prevention strategy, it is necessary to focus on reducing the potential of flexible lines and tubing to “Wrap” and thus encircle limbs or the neck. The IV Stabilizer is a rigid, clear plastic sleeve that may be placed on the IV and any other tubing / wire close to the child. This device prevents the tubing from wrapping, while maintaining the function of the device and the mobility of the child.

The IV Stabilizer allows clinical nurses and staff to better focus on patient safety and intravenous line management, and prevents medical line entanglement.

Drader IV Stabilizer

Multi Line Stabilizer (MLS)

The IV Stabilizer is manufactured in response to concerns from healthcare workers regarding intravenous entanglements after two incidents where infants became entangled in their medical lines. One unfortunate incident resulted in death by strangulation.

How many other incidents may be unreported “Near Disasters” where no official statistics have been provided?

Typical patients are between three months and under five years of age. No entanglements have been reported with patients where health care providers have used the IV Stabilizer. 

The IV Stabilizer has a channel to accommodate standard intravenous lines, as well as a channel for micro-bore tubing. The stabilizer is slightly larger in diameter than typical intravenous tubing, made from latex-free, medical and food grade plastic.

The current design of the IV Stabilizer was accepted by the AHS working group in July 2018.

AHS instituted a policy which includes the use of medical line stabilizers

Stabilizer - close up