Bread Trays / Bakery Carriers

Made of robust materials and with open layout design, Drader Commercial Bread Carriers and Bakery Carriers are perfect for maximum packaging visibility and easy customer access in retail applications.

Drader stackable Bread Carriers and Bakery Carriers are used across Canada and known for their strong folding steel handles and steel inserts to help prevent sagging. Fold-down handles make stacking, storage, and shipping easy, and open grid floors ideal for superior ventilation and cleaning.

Other features of Drader Bread Carriers and Bakery Carriers include:

  • Save space
  • 3-to-1 stacking ratio, the best in the industry
  • Saves time and labour
  • Less handling of product per carrier
  • Easy self-service in retail applications
  • Easy to lift and stack
  • Meet PB-Series Specifications


Tray Specifications (Imperial)*

Model #Outside DimensionsInside DimensionsProduct HeightProduct Weight
PB100023 5/8"23 7/8"23 3/8"22 7/8"5 7/16"2.620 KG
PB105024 1/4"23 7/8"24"22 7/8"5 3/16"2.660 KG
PB110025"22 1/8"24 3/4"21 1/8"5 7/16"2.660 KG
PB120025"23 1/2"24 3/4"22 1/2"5 3/16"2.550 KG
PB130026"21 3/4"25 3/4"20 3/4"5 1/4"
PB140026"23 1/2"25 3/4"22 1/2"5 3/4"2.650 KG
PB150029"22 7/16"28 9/16"21 7/16"5 3/8"2.600 KG
PB160029"26"28 3/4"25"5 1/4"2.920 KG
PB170030"24"29 3/4"23"5 1/8"2.850 KG

Tray Specifications (Metric)*

Model #Outside DimensionsInside DimensionsProduct Height
PB100060.00 cm60.64 cm59.37 cm58.10 cm13.81 cm
PB105061.60 cm60.64 cm60.96 cm58.10 cm13.18 cm
PB110063.50 cm56.20 cm62.87 cm53.66 cm13.81 cm
PB120063.50 cm59.70 cm62.86 cm57.15 cm13.18 cm
PB130066.04 cm55.25 cm65.40 cm52.70 cm13.33 cm
PB140066.04 cm59.70 cm65.40 cm57.15 cm14.60 cm
PB150073.66 cm73.02 cm72.55 cm54.45 cm13.65 cm
PB160073.66 cm66.04 cm73.02 cm63.50 cm13.33 cm
PB170076.20 cm60.96 cm75.57 cm58.42 cm13.03 cm