Custom Products


Our thermoforming and vacuum forming machines and complete mold making facility are in house and highly adaptable to nearly any application, making your custom-made product a possibility at Drader.

The following material options are available for all custom-made products:

  • Sheet thickness: 0.090″, 0.118″, 0.125″(1/8), 0.185″, 0.1875″(3/16), 0.220″, 0.250″(1/4), 0.300″, 0.3125″(5/16), 0.5″(1/2), 0.6”, etc.
  • Plastic Sheet color: black, white, natural, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Plastic Sheet material: PET, PETG, ABS, HDPE, HMWPE, UHMWPE, TPO, PVC, PC, PS, etc.
  • Plastic Roll thickness: 10 gauge, 12G, 17.5G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 40G, etc.
  • Plastic Roll color: clear, green, black, etc.
  • Plastic Roll material: LDPE, PET, PETG, etc.

Do you have an idea for a product?

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