Though Drader has the buying and production capabilities of a large international plastics manufacturer, we have never lost our small-company approach to building personal, long-term relationships with our customers.

For 75 years, we have built trust and confidence in the work we do by creating reliable and consistent product lines for our customers. Because we foster a company culture that puts safety first and keeps an open mind to new ideas and processes, our customers get access to the latest technologies and software.

We consider ourselves innovators and we never stop learning and growing in our design and plastics engineering services. As a result, our customers feel like they have options in their manufacturing choices, and have a partner on board when they sell their products or services in a global market.

Edmonton Plant

Drader Certifications & Community

  • ISO 9001:2015 (only at our Brampton, ON facility)
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Safety Program & Committee
  • Partners in Injury Reduction (COR Certification)
  • 2011 Canadian Plastics Sector Council Bronze Level Employer of Choice
  • ASTech Award
  • Operation Clean Sweep Partner
  • Learning a Culture of Safety
Brampton Facility

Drader History Timeline

2023  Drader proudly becomes certified as a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses.

2022  Drader celebrate 75 years with an open house. We also added two 1,500 ton machines in our Brampton facility with full automation increasing capacity by 25%.

2021 – Drader adds a new machine in Edmonton to expand their capabilities and upgraded their machining centre.

2012 – Drader wins ASTech award for Optimization of Process and Products; Drader expands services with the purchase of assets of Acro Foam & Plastics Ltd. and can now offer Thermoforming services

2011 – CPSC Drader receives the Employer of Choice award and Certificate of Recognition for partnering with Canadian Manufacturing & Exporters to develop the Learning a Culture of Safety Course

2010 – Drader’s second facility in Brampton is opened

2008 – Drader wins prestigious contract, from a worldwide competition to design and build containers

2007 – Drader celebrates its 60th anniversary

2005 – Drader expands operations into Ontario

2004 – Drader launches an industry-changing product by introducing the BagPal pallet replacement system

2003 – Drader launches exciting new product line of oilfield thread protectors

2002 – Drader enters into the continual journey of Lean Manufacturing

2000 – Aggressive growth leads Drader to increase its plant size once again, increasing to 53,000 sq. ft.

1997 – To handle the growth mode, Drader expands into a new 35,000 sq. ft. plant, custom built for injection molding

1993 – Drader now has a line of 9 different bakery trays to offer customers options

1991 – Drader expands custom molding operations and starts up extrusion line

1989 – The Drader family sells to a group of local Edmonton business people

1988 – First prototype of the industry-changing “Injectiweld” plastic welder

1980s – Drader concentrates on growing bakery business and expands into custom manufacturing

1979 – Drader launches the industry-changing Plastic bakery delivery tray

1960s – Drader focuses on being a major supplier to the baking industry

1957 – Drader works with Honey Boy Bakery to produce a nesting steel bakery delivery tray, eliminating the cumbersome wood crates