For homeowners, building & home builders, insurance companies, and municipalities, the Fiovalve puts all minds at ease when it comes to safeguarding against sewer back up.

The Fiovalve is a back-water valve that permits the free circulation of air throughout the plumbing system. The gate maintains an open position until there is reverse flow in the line, at which point the Fiovalve closes automatically to prevent sewer back-up through toilets, showers and floor drains. Fiovalve is approved by CSA and Plumbing Authorities and easily installed in new and existing homes and buildings.

Fiovalve features include:

  • Has a clear transparent lid for visual inspection
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning
  • Does not restrict withdrawal of a cleaning rod
  • Gate remains in the open position, except when sewage backflow is in progress
  • May be installed in any sewer line, septic system, and non-basement house or building
  • Back-Water Valve Guide for Fiovalve FR4