Part Design & Mold Building

Drader Manufacturing provides complete Part Design and Mold support for both Injection molded parts with high tolerances, and thermoforming for high volume ‘soft’ plastic parts. When nothing off-the-shelf fits your application, Drader provides the engineering resources to perfect and refine your product design for production.

We’re able to work with your engineers to prototype or refine a design, and we’re able to build the mold to manufacture your product. We also feature in-house skills to bring an idea or concept to a completed production product.

Injection Molds are complicated mechanical components. These precision milled devices have a gate or opening that allows molten plastic to be injected into cavities in the mold. Molds are built with exceptionally high tolerances as the mold cavity will be the outer surface of your final part. In addition, actions within the mold are required to support part features as well as removal of formed parts.


Empowering our customers with 3D printing and plastic product prototyping for a safer, more informed investment.

It takes great skill and experience to create molds that ensure clean part removal, consistency, and resistance to warping during the cooling process.

Thermoforming or Vacuum form molds or ‘bucks’ are used in a technique where ‘sheets’ or rolls of material are heated, and allowed to form ‘into’ a positive mold. Composed of a single, or sometimes multiple sheets of material, these thermoforming molds are often more economical than injection molds, and offer reduced costs by volume for products that are appropriate to the manufacturing technique.

Drader Manufacturing is often called upon when clients want to use plastics to replace their more expensive, disposable shipping and packaging materials.
In addition to mold design and building, Drader’s services include assembly, custom packaging, plastic plating, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding, plastic welding, and recycling. Our in-house machine shop means we can do mold maintenance and repair on site, avoiding production delays.