Part Design & Mold Building

Our customers count on Drader for a business solution when nothing off-the-shelf fits their application needs. When you work with Drader, you have limitless opportunity to perfect and refine your product design. Whether you bring us a prototype and we build the mold to manufacture your product, or you bring us an idea and we draw and design from scratch, Drader has the in-house skill to meet your expectations.

Many customers use Drader Manufacturing when they want to use plastics to replace their more expensive, disposable shipping and packaging materials. As well as mold design and building, Drader’s services include assembly, custom packaging, plastic plating, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding, plastic welding, and recycling. And our in-house machine shop means we can do mold maintenance and repair on site, avoiding production delays.


Empowering our customers with 3D printing and plastic product prototyping for a safer, more informed investment.