Gravity Feed Display

Accompanies the Bread Carriers and Bread Baskets to keep your product visible in a retail setting and displays looking fuller for longer.

The Gravity Feed Display is a perfect accompaniment to our Drader Bread Carriers and Baskets. As a loaf of bread is pulled out, the next one will slide forward keeping your displays looking full for longer. The angle provides an appealing display, and to restock you need only to pull out the empty tray and slide in a new one. Comes with wheels and folds up for easy moving and storage.

The Gravity Feed Display can carry the following trays: PB1100, PB1200, PB1300 (custom
order), PB1400, GP211, GP212, GP213, GP222, GP223 and GP2623 as well as handle
many competitors trays.

Dimensions (Not including the height of the tray or the casters): 23″ x 29.5″ x 80″

This new Gravity Feed Display has the added benefit of no touch. 

GFD - 1
GFD - Red - Front