Innovative floor drain, subsoil drainage device, backwater valve—Our Fiodrain specialty product is ideal for the Plumbing & Construction industry.

Our Fiodrain specialty product is a 3-function drain made of our most robust plastics. This innovative part serves as a floor drain and subsoil drainage device. It is easily installed in new and existing homes and buildings.

Fiodrain features include:

  • Approved by CSA, CCMC 13517-R and meets all requirements of SECT. 9.14 of the National Building code
  • Can accommodate an average-size house
  • One Fiodrain is required for each side of a duplex and each unit of a housing complex
  • Fiodrain water flow capacity includes seepage apertures, 33L (7.3 gal.) per minute and Floor grate 154L (32 gal.) per min. Note: If native soil condition indicates potential swelling, Geotechnical Engineering advice should be obtained.
  • Fiodrain requires a net “HEAD” of 229 mm (9”) from top of Fiodrain grill to WEIR LINE for large ball check valve to work effectively (see detail “A” over).
  • Drader Fiodrain Installation Instructions