Changing Tips


  • The welder should be hot, but turned off
  • The tip and barrel will be hot. Wear protective gear to protect yourself from burns
  • When removing the tip nut do not use excessive force. Excessive force will twist the barrel, ruining it, the heater, and the RTD sensor.
  • The tip must be hot before changing, but the welder should be off. The tip needs to be hot in order to melt the plastic in the transition area between the tip, and the barrel. If the tip nut is hard to loosen, wait 3 to 5 minutes, then try again. Tip nuts have a different expansion ratio than barrels. The tip nut is easier to remove if you have patience.
  • Use heat transfer compound frequently. Heat transfer compound makes it easier for the barrel heat to transmit to the tip. Apply the compound at every tip change or every 8 hours of operating time.
  • Use a copper, or brass brush to clean away burned heat transfer compound. Clean parts make heat transfer more efficient.
  • Make sure you always use the Barrel Washer (IPAR-A-BARWSH). It goes between the barrel and the tip.


  • Place the welder on a flat, stable surface, with the on/off button facing up.
  • Loosen the tip nut (IPAR-A-TIPNLO) with the tip nut wrench (IPAR-A-TIPWRN).
  • Turn the tip nut wrench counter clockwise, until the tip nut is free.
  • Using pliers, take the tip nut off and place it on a heat resistant surface.
  • Using pliers, pull the tip from the barrel and place it on a heat resistant surface.
  • Separate the barrel washer (IPAR-A-BARWSH) from the tip.
  • Use a copper, or brass brush to clean the old heat transfer compound from the barrel, barrel washer, and tip.
  • Open the jar of heat transfer compound (IPAR-A-HTTRCO) and apply the compound onto the welder barrel threads, both sides of the barrel washer, and on the tip’s collar. Since the welder is hot, there might be smoke from the heat transfer compound. Be careful not to inhale fumes.
  • Place the barrel washer onto the barrel. The small hole on the barrel washer goes over the barrel’s indexing pin. There must always be a barrel washer between the barrel and the tip. The barrel washer blocks molten plastic from backing up into the barrel.
  • The tip goes next onto the barrel. The locating pin fits into one of the tip’s holes.
  • Slide the tip nut over the tip, and screw it onto the barrel using the tip nut wrench.