Vacuum Forming

Our custom-made thermoforming machines and complete mold making facility are highly adaptable to nearly any application. Examples of typical applications include drip tray, boot tray, egg cartons, vapour barriers, shields, automated teller machines, enclosures for medical equipment, engine covers, railcar interior trim, seat components, board games, perfume displays and more.

Vacuum Forming material options:

  • Sheet thickness: 0.090″, 0.118″, 0.125″(1/8), 0.185″, 0.1875″(3/16), 0.220″, 0.250″(1/4), 0.300″, 0.3125″(5/16), 0.5″(1/2), 0.6”, etc.
  • Plastic Sheet color: black, white, natural, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Plastic Sheet material: PET, PETG, ABS, HDPE, HMWPE, UHMWPE, TPO, PVC, PC, PS, etc.
  • Plastic Roll thickness: 10 gauge, 12G, 17.5G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 40G, etc.
  • Plastic Roll color: clear, green, black, etc.
  • Plastic Roll material: LDPE, PET, PETG, etc.
Vacuum forming