Foam Cutting

Drader’s Foam Cutting products reduce the risk of damaged inventory, cost of replacement and keep customers happy when their products arrive in great condition and can be stored with care.

For those hard-to-transport products, custom-make your own foam sheets with Drader to ensure your products are efficiently covered and protected. Every foam cutting design begins with a conversation about your product dimensions, method of shipment, and material to determine the best foam product to absorb impact.

From foam gaskets to custom foam case inserts, our foam cutting profiles include a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and densities great for shock absorption and protective foam packaging. Foams also come in multi-cavity depths to help enhance appearance, functionality and the marketability of products.

Our technical foam products provide secure fit for your valuables, and custom foam protective case inserts help organize your product components, market it and provide cushioned protection during shipment and storage.