Personal Protective Equipment

Drader Manufacturing has added another industry to our diverse manufacturing product lines.  While most companies have chosen to “Pivot” into the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry, Drader remains a leader in plastic part design, manufacturing, and recycling and this makes PPE a perfect fit.  Drader did not have to change or learn new technologies in order to manufacture PPE, as for us, it is business as usual. 

Manufacturing PPE allows us to draw on our decades of experience with injection molding, thermoforming, and die-cutting to bring exactly what is needed for the global demand for protective equipment products.  With over 70 years of premium plastic manufacturing in Canada, Drader was able to use materials from the existing inventory to supply face shields to customers for immediate delivery.

We called on our diverse supply chain for raw materials and components within Canada and the United States.  All products are 100% made in Canada in either our Alberta facility or our Ontario facility. Drader was able to use our extensive experience in part design and mold building to bring solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.  

Drader Manufacturing does not have to rely on overseas supply chains from a foreign entity.  All protective personal equipment finished goods are made and assembled in Canada and we employ people from Alberta and Ontario and keep Canadians employed for supplying quality plastic products.

Drader face shields (PPE) for protection from viruses

Face Shield

The Drader reusable face shield keeps you safe while keeping your comfort and health in mind.

Ear guards

Ear Guards

Our ear guards are longer than most others on the market so that they fit more styles of face masks.