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DM 0400_1Drader Warehouse Shopping Pick Bins

Warehouse Shopping Pick Bins are essential for any warehouse. These stackable plastic warehouse bins were created to make the warehouse picking process safer and easier.

Benefits of Using Drader Warehouse Pick Bins

As the only NFPA 13 compliant reusable pick bin currently on the market, its perforated bottom surface enables water flow. Which means in the event your sprinkling system is activated - you don’t have to worry about Drader’s Online Shopping Pick Bin overflowing with water and weighing down your warehouse shelving.

The bin also has a large front opening for product visibility and includes optional lockable yet removable plastic dividers that allow you to place up to 4 SKU’s. It is 11.5" wide and can fit 8 wide in a 8' wide standard racking, with up to 32 separate SKUs per level.

The durable and lightweight ergonomically designed handle reduce risk by helping warehouse employees do their job more safely and efficiently.


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