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Drader's History

  • 2009 Drader purchases new injection molding machines, including a 950 ton 240 oz wide platen machine, and scraps 4 machines from the 1980s.  
  • 2009 President Gordon McTavish celebrates his 60th birthday
  • 2008 Drader wins prestigious contract, from a worldwide competition to design and build containers
  • 2007 Drader celebrates its 60th anniversary
  • 2005 Drader expands operations into Ontario
  • 2004 Drader launches an industry changing product by introducing the BagPal pallet replacement system
  • 2003 Drader launches exciting new product line of oilfield thread protectors
  • 2002 Feeling cost pressures Drader enters into the continual journey of Lean Manufacturing
  • 2000 Aggressive growth leads Drader to increase its plant size once again, increasing to 53,000 sq. ft.
  • 1997 To handle the growth mode Drader expands into a new custom built for injection molding 35,000 sq. ft. plant
  • 1995 Drader opens Urban Services of America, servicing numerous areas of waste management
  • 1993 Drader now has a line of 9 different bakery trays to offer customers options
  • 1991 Drader expands custom molding operations and starts up extrusion line
  • 1989 The Drader family sells to a group of local Edmonton business people
  • 1988 First prototype of the once again industry changing "Injectiweld" plastic welder
  • 1980's Drader concentrates on growing bakery business and expands into custom jobs
  • 1979 Drader launches the industry changing Carrier series bakery delivery tray
  • 1975 Drader expands into larger plastic molded pieces, including a unique nesting dairy case
  • 1969 Drader expands its growing steel fabrication business by getting into injection molding, offering customers options for their trays
  • 1960's Drader focuses on being a major supplier to the baking industry
  • 1957 Drader works with Honey Bakery to produce a nesting steel bakery delivery tray eliminating the cumbersome wood crates.

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