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3D Printing and Plastic Part Design Services in Edmonton

Your ideas realized from initial sketch to production

How 3D Printing at Drader Manufacturing Works:

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Drader can design your project from drafts to the final stage. Our engineers can rapdly develop your ideas into 3D drafts and files, give you real market advice on usability and then print your products for prototyping or a final product for sale in small quantities in a short development time. 

3D Printing Saves Time and Money

Drader is one of Edmonton’s only fully integrated, in-house design shops where your ideas are modeled and then brought to life through CAD, custom prototyping and 3D printing services.

Drader can take any idea you have, even a hand sketched design from a restaurant napkin, and turn it into an engineered CAD model.

Develop your ideas into 3D prototypes for investor presentations, or a final product for sale in small quantities, once you’re ready.

Custom Prototypes with Limitless Opportunity

When you work with Drader, you have limitless opportunities to perfect and refine your design from the final appearance, size and weight to any other considerations that reveal themselves through the drafting and creation process.

Once you’re ready to take your idea a step further after the CAD design, you can 3D print your product and even produce it in low-volume very quickly, and for a lower cost compared to building it through conventional means.

Are you ready to see how Drader can bring your idea to life?

Contact Drader engineers for your custom 3D printing and design for fast 3D prototyping.


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